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Extended-Request for Quotation - Asset Mapping for Trench Town – Whitefield Town Baseline Assessment

Local Partner Development is seeking the services of a vendor to lead the completion of the asset mapping process for the Rose Town area of Trench Town in order to have a complete and comprehensive asset mapping profile for Trench Town. 

The selected vendor will work with the Social Development Commission officer for that area and the Community Development Council and/or other significant community organizations representatives to sensitize the community of the asset mapping that will be conducted, ensure their participation in the selection of community field guides and confirmation of the fieldwork schedule.  

The Request for Quotation for this service is downloadable as a PDF, to the   left of this text.


Submit your financial proposal along with the CV for the proposed team leader for the assignment to by 5:00 p.m., June 3, 2020. 

Email must include in the subject line “Asset Mapping”

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Last Modified: 06/01/2020