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Open Consultancy: Curriculum Development and Training - Youth Risk Assessment Soft Skills and Treatment Planning Capacity Building Workshops

Local Partner Development is seeking a suitably qualified consultant to provide capacity building training in complementary soft skills and treatment planning to bolster the capacity of persons previously trained in the delivery of the CSJP tool to become more efficient in the administration of the tool. The workshops are aimed at equipping selected participants with more of the soft skills skills necessary for the proper administration of the tool so that they are better able to use the results of assessments in the development and deployment of interventions with proven scientific effectiveness at treating individual risks. The consultant is expected develop and execute training plans for the following capacity building activities with selected cohorts of participants:

  • Soft skills required to effectively administer the instruments, including interviewing skills and basic training in counselling practice etc.
  • Treatment plan development

The consultant should have experience in the planning and facilitation of workshops or trainings and should have technical and practical experience with the aforementioned tool.

Terms of Reference and Biodata Form for this position are downloadable in the links below. 

Terms of Reference - Curriculum Development and Training Consultant

Biodata Form


Interested individuals should submit their CV and Biodata Form (templated attached) via email to by 5:00 p.m., January 29, 2021. 

We appreciate all interest in this consultancy, but only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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Last Modified: 01/27/2021