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Stepping Stone to Success heads to Mandeville for capacity building workshop

The Local Partner Development team went to Central Jamaica earlier this week for a Stepping Stone to Success intervention in Mandeville, Manchester. The workshop focused on providing grassroots Civil Society Organizations (CSO) with the knowledge needed to manage staff and volunteers, which is an essential skill to ensure the sustainability of CSOs and other grassroots community based organizations.

The CSOs gathered at the Mandeville Hotel on October 17, 2018 to participate in various activities that help to identify key characteristics in potential staff that can be used to choose their roles. These activities included games and activities that immersed attendees in real life experiences that may emerge when selecting employees for their organizations. Strategic planning and the ability to identify key functions for each member of staff to further boost the organisation’s efficiency were also key areas of the one day workshop.

The Stepping Stone to Success initiative will continue to offer individualized training in other areas of Jamaica, to ensure that CSOs across the island have access to capacity building activities that will strengthen their ability to serve their communities. Morana Smodlaka Krajnovic, LPD Chief of Party said LPD’s goal is to build these organisations with aim of creating strong CSOs and CSO networks in Jamaica.

She said, “Stepping Stone to Success is reflective of LPD’s drive to build organisations and help Jamaica to improve on what already exists. With this series, we are using innovative methods to ensure that grassroots CSOs know how to manage their resources, including people, money and time. Our next session will be in November 21, 2018, and we hope to complete at least 4 more interventions in the Stepping Stone to Success before the end of the year.” 

The Stepping Stone to Success Training and Grants Program will end in October 2019.